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Climate Action Aotearoa Launches 'Shared Resource' for funders

Climate Action Aotearoa has proudly launched a ‘Shared Resource’ and Tika Transition framework to help funders along their climate action journeys. The resource contains a substantial amount of information and encourages users to make the framework their own.

After launching the Funders Commitment, the first action of Climate Action Aotearoa was to create a shared online resource for funders. The resource provides guidance towards a just, equitable and tika transition that reflects our unique Aotearoa context.

Being tika is about taking right action. A tika transition is about embracing tikanga Māori as a source of solutions and upholding Te Tiriti o Waitangi (Associate Professor Maria Bargh, 2019).

The shared resource sets out the principles of a tika transition, provides a guide towards a tika transition for each of the seven funder commitments, and is packed full of useful information and examples of positive action relating to:

An exploration of climate change and its effects

Actions towards balance on local to international scales

Realising the seven funder commitments

Guidance and resources are also provided on how to implement a tika transition in key aspects of philanthropy: governance, strategy, investment, grantmaking and operations.

“The web-based Shared Resource aims to provide relevant Climate Action intelligence, policy, and implementation guidance to the philanthropy sector as well as helpful information for the community sector,” says Linn Araboglos, Chief Executive of Wellington Community Fund, who chairs the working group. “We believe it will help to inspire co-ordinated and impactful climate action within our regions across Aotearoa.”

We invite you to start your own Tika Transition journey by exploring our shared resource and commitment here:


The Shared Resource is also going to be the topic of the next Te Pūaha Talk, Funders and Climate Action in Aotearoa, now open for registration. This one hour webinar will take place on the 25th October at 10:00 am and is one of the events on the programme for the Auckland Climate Festival, providing insights into the ‘Tika Transition’, a uniquely Aotearoa approach to a just transition.

This session will:

  • Give some context around philanthropy and climate action in Aotearoa

  • Share the whakapapa of the Funders Commitment and funders climate action website

  • Share key content of the website, including the Tika Transition approach

  • Identify some calls to action for community groups to connect with funders and vice versa to support joined up climate action.

The webinar is being presented by Linn Araboglos, alongside Aimee Kaio and Devon Judd who have developed the content and resources up on the website.

Te Pūaha Talks are a free programme of workshops offered to the community sector, by the Centre for Social Impact and funded by Foundation North.


About Climate Action Aotearoa:

In October 2021, a collective of Community Trusts launched Climate Action Aotearoa: the Funders Commitment on Climate Action.

Climate Action Aotearoa signals the beginning of a collective willing to take considered action on climate change in Aotearoa. The aim is for all funders in Aotearoa to join and for philanthropy to enable the big shifts we all need to make.

The seven-part commitment is guided by Te Tiriti o Waitangi and mātaurangi Māori aspirations. It focuses on a just transition, collaboration, and leadership. Significantly, it includes reporting back to our communities and stakeholders the actions that signatories undertake.

A guiding whakataukī (proverb) highlights the importance of the collaborative effort:

Ki te kotahi te kākaho, ka whati; ki te kāpuia, e kore e whati. When reeds stand alone they are vulnerable, but together they are unbreakable. - Kingi Pōtatau Te Wherowhero Tāwhiao

The commitment is designed to be a high-level document that other New Zealand philanthropic funders are encouraged to sign up to. To read the full commitment and join the efforts, please visit



For comment or for more information please contact:

Linn Araboglos

Chief Executive, Wellington Community Fund

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