Take - The Breach

Wildfires, sea-level rise, wildfires, suffering, sea-level rise, biodiversity loss, sea-level rise. Ngāti Kahungunu climate activist India Logan-Riley summons a force that the frontline of climate change knows all too well into a controlled room that keeps its doors closed to such conditions. The alarm has been sounded for many years now by our acting stewards, Indigenous, youth and civic society, urging action and commitment on a global scale as communities witness unprecedented weather events to the detriment of wellbeing, security, and in worst situations, sovereignty. 

Our wrists are braided together with the same material that has manifested our changing climate and our degrading lands and oceans. Identifying take, the breach of justice, is our first steps towards a collective path.


A Snapshot

“The jury has reached its verdict. And it is damning”. UN secretary-general António Guterres makes an urgent call to action as we maintain our path towards double the 1.5 degrees stated within the Paris Agreement.


Nature Journal provides a set of troubling charts to show how little progress nations have made toward limiting greenhouse-gas emissions.

our atmosphere and climate.png

The Hub teamed up with the Ministry for the Environment and Stats NZ to create resources using Our atmosphere and climate 2020. These reflect the report with a focus on science and communicating the issues New Zealand faces due to the uncertainty of a changing climate.


The Frontline

Climate change has mainly been caused by rich, industrialised countries, but the effects are being felt first and worst by those who have contributed least to the growing crisis. The frontline of climate change refers to communities that are already exposed to the risks of climate change that threaten lives, lands, and sovereignty.


Climate Change 
Complicity - 
False Solutions

“The truly dangerous radicals are the countries that are increasing the production of fossil fuels… Investing in new fossil fuels infrastructure is moral and economic madness.”

- UN Secretary General António Guterre

More than ever we are forced to examine and interrogate climate action commitments as the line between action and complicity becomes increasingly blurry. Net zero pledges have been announced by many of the world’s largest corporations, from BP to Microsoft, Amazon and Walmart. The term net zero has been weaponised to maintain business-as-usual emissions, justified by mathematical equations that forfeit corporations of their responsibilities in transforming to a low-carbon economy. 

the big con .png

A collaborative paper that thoroughly investigates the weaponising of net zero by the world’s biggest polluters. 

false solutions.png

A summary on false solutions by the Women & Gender Constituency. This resource provides a list of terms often used to justify business-as-usual approaches under a climate-aware banner.