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Key Documents and Submissions

Cover of 2023 Inaugural Funders Commitment Report.jpg

Funders Commitment

Inaugural 2023 Report

Image by Clay Banks

Template - Seeking Board Approval to become Signatory


Webinar Series

Pages from 20210901 Shona McElroy CSI - Climate and Community Research.pptx.jpg

Climate and Community -

Research Findings

About the Funders Commitment.jpg

One-pager about the Funders Commitment

Pages from Final 20210901 Shona McElroy CSI - Funders Climate Playbook.pptx.jpg

Climate Playbook - High impact roles for funders

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This submission was made in collaboration with Philanthropy New Zealand | Tōpūtanga Tuku Aroha o Aotearoa on the Climate Change Commission’s draft advice to Government on the second emissions reduction plan. 

This submission was made on the Ministry for the Environment and Department of Conservation’s design of a biodiversity credit system to help conserve habitats and species. 

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