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We have collated some of the most relevant resources in planning for organisational change towards a Net Zero future for both operations and stakeholder involvement tools. These are updated regularly with new resources as they arise. 

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Announcement of Commitment Press Release

Pages from 20210901 Shona McElroy CSI - Climate and Community Research.pptx.jpg

Climate and Community -

Research Findings

Pages from Time to Act - Executive Summary.jpg

Time to Act Executive


Pages from New Zealand Investors Stepping to the Climate Challenge.jpg

Aotearoa New Zealand Investor Coalition for Net Zero


Indigenous voices speak up on climate change

Pages from Emissions-reduction-plan-discussion-document.jpg

Emissions Reduction Plan

Discussion Document

Pages from Final 20210901 Shona McElroy CSI - Funders Climate Playbook.pptx.jpg

Climate Playbook - High impact roles for funders

Pages from Emissions-reduction-plan-discussion-document-full-list-of-questions.jpg

Emissions Reduction Plan

Full List of Questions

Image by The New York Public Library

Investing for a New-Zero World: A Guide for Investors

Image by Clay Banks

Template - Seeking Board Approval for Signatory

Pages from Time to Act How Philanthropy Must Address the Climate Crisis - Full Report.jpg

Time to Act Full Report

Image by Alexander Shatov

Recorded Video


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Trust Waikato - Toitū Pilot Report

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