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Submission made on the Emissions Reduction Plan

In June 2023, Climate Action Aotearoa collaborated with Philanthropy New Zealand | Tōpūtanga Tuku Aroha o Aotearoa (PNZ) and the Combined Community Trusts of Aotearoa to make a submission on the Climate Change Commission’s draft advice to Government on the second emissions reduction plan (2026-2030).

This work was informed by the knowledge and experience of funders who are committed to climate action and who are part of the PNZ Climate Action Funders’ Network and the Climate Action Working Group who oversee Climate Action Aotearoa's kaupapa.

The submission overall supports the Commission’s advice whilst stressing the need for:

  • collaboration between the government and philanthropic sectors (especially in supporting a tika and just transition);

  • government acknowledgement of the adaptation finance gap;

  • and government leadership in system transformation and sustainable finance.

You can read our submission here.

You can learn more about the Government's Emissions Reduction Plan here.

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