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  • What is the Funders Commitment on Climate Action?
    The Funders Commitment on Climate Action is a short voluntary pledge outlining seven commitments that signatories commit to. It is modelled on overseas commitments where funders have decided to show leadership on climate action.
  • What is its purpose?
    Its purpose is to provide a platform for funders in Aotearoa to better understand climate action needs, issues and opportunities, show leadership and undertake individual and collective action on these issues accordingly. It aims to accelerate a just transition to a low carbon society in Aotearoa, in partnership with iwi/hapu/Māori.
  • Who is it for?
    While initiated by Community Trusts, the intent is to invite all philanthropic funders in Aotearoa to sign up to and deliver on this Commitment.
  • How did it come about?
    The Commitment is a result of research on climate action commissioned by Community Trusts in 2021, undertaken by the Centre for Social Impact. This research: Canvassed community sector views on climate change and priorities for action by the community sector. Identified what Community Trusts in Aotearoa New Zealand are currently doing to catalyse a reduction in emissions and support the community response to climate change. Identified high-impact roles Community Trusts could play in the future in response to community organisations’ needs, and what can be learned from leading international philanthropies.
  • What does the Commitment mean for signatories?
    This Commitment gives signatories the mandate and impetus to show leadership and work collectively to accelerate a just transition to a low carbon society in Aotearoa. Each funder will decide for themselves what they will prioritise and the resources they will commit – the Commitment does not tie any funder into specific targets, resourcing requirements or timeframes for action. Becoming a signatory states to a funder’s community and stakeholders that they take climate change seriously and are keen to be part of solutions and proactive responses. Together we can meet the challenges ahead.
  • How will the Commitment be actioned?
    One of the seven Commitments is to report annually on action undertaken and outcomes achieved through this Commitment. A Working Group was established on 30 September 2021 to progress the Commitment, made up of representatives from Wellington Community Fund, Bay Trust, Community Trust South, Foundation North (Centre for Social Impact), Toi Foundation, Rātā Foundation and Trust Waikato. Linn Araboglos from Wellington Community Trust is leading the Working Group. Foundation North’s Centre for Social Impact is providing secretariat and project support. External expertise will be brought in to advise, including tangata whenua, rangatahi, community sector and climate experts. An early task of this Working Group is to develop the first action plan for this Commitment.
  • What is possible under this Commitment?
    The sky is the limit! Actions already identified are: Recognise and promote Mātauranga Māori as a source of solutions, for example via the work of the Climate Change Iwi Leaders Group. Develop a shared resource for funders on climate change issues and action, including latest research, access to experts, good practice, and international and national examples of funder action. Partner strategically with iwi, government, business, rangatahi and the community sector to accelerate high impact climate action. Support strategic and high impact philanthropic investment in climate action and decarbonisation, focused on a Just Transition. Increase funder collaborations on community-based climate action. Grow collective funding applied to climate action in Aotearoa (only around 4% now). Prototype co-funded high impact climate action initiatives through shared funds or intermediaries. This may include supporting community organisations to develop effective responses. Individual Community Trusts are already stepping boldly into this space. Examples include: Wellington Community Trust’s Climate Action Fund BayTrust’s work on implications of climate change for investment Trust Waikato’s climate change statement and climate change framework Foundation North's research on climate issues and funder implications
  • Queries?
    Contact Linn Araboglos, Wellington Community Trust CE or Karinia Lee, Head of the Centre for Social Impact with queries.
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